Attended Direct Burial or Cremation

£ 1 350

If you would like to attend the crematorium with us, at a later time of 9.00 or 9.30am. We have arranged with the staff at our local crematoria to allow a private 15 minutes period in the Chapel, where you and your family and friends can join us, have time to make your personal farewells and play your choice of music if you would like.

  • 15 Minutes period in the chapel
  • Quality Oak Veneered coffin
  • Quality Oak Veneered coffin
  • Bringing the deceased into our care
  • All administrative and legal functions
  • Care and preparation of your loved one
  • Transport to the crematorium
  • Your choice of music
  • Ashes returned by hand

A Simple Family Service

Our Simple Family Service provides nearly everything you might expect from a full service & may be ideal for a small family gathering. We can provide our own civil celebrant to conduct the service for you or you might wish to either provide your own or conduct the service together as a family.

For A Family Service: