Funeral Services for your Pet

It’s a sad fact of life that sometimes our dearest companions who share so much of our lives together, will rarely outlive us.
When the time comes to say goodbye to our pets, the grief and shock is just as real and significant as any other loss. They will have been a part of our lives and of our family for many years and it’s up to us to treat them with the dignity, love and respect that they deserve.


This is why you should query your Vet to make sure that they are given the very best care possible after they have passed, just as you would have done before.
Many Vet’s will offer to arrange a cremation service for you and return the ashes to you in a weeks time. The crematorium used will often be many miles away and will cater for many vets over a wide area – often arranging only a weekly collection.

Not all pet cremation services are equal.


This is why we can highly recommend that you contact St Giles Pet Crematorium near Taunton.
Tom Linnell will happily come to your home if needed to talk to you and arrange the cremation for you. St Giles Pet Crematorium will always guarantee that every cremation is uniquely individual. Only a single cremation will ever take place at a time.
Tom can also offer a door to door service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both collecting your departed friend and returning their ashes to you the next day.
Included within this service is a high quality scatter tube or if preferred, a solid wooden casket engraved with a brass nameplate of your choice.


My own friend and companion for the last 13 years – Prince, a German Shepherd & Doberman cross – passed away in early 2014. As his passing had been expected for some time, I’d spoken to several vets who recommended using a pet crematorium based in Gloucester who operate a low cost (to the Vet) service.
However, I’d found St Giles Pet Crematorium near Taunton on the internet and having spoken to the owner, Tom Linnell, I was convinced that he would be the perfect person to look after Prince once he’d gone.


When the day came to take our last trip to the vet, I called Tom and arranged to come over to St Giles later that day. Tom met us by the gate and gently took us through the details and helped to carry Prince from our car to the waiting area.
A few days later, I returned to St Giles farm to collect his ashes. Tom couldn’t have been more thoughtful and caring, taking his time to talk and put our minds at ease. We left, sad at our loss, but happy in the knowledge that his final farewell had been both dignified and respectful.


We have lost several pets over the years and have more dogs and cats at home as part of our family but the time will inevitably come again when we will need to make difficult choices.
Those choices however, will be easier knowing that St Giles Pet Crematorium will be there with us for the final steps of the journey.


If needed, you can contact Tom Linnell, manager and owner of St Giles Pet Crematorium at any time, day or night, and he will always be pleased to support and help you through this difficult time.


Your can find them at:

St Giles Pet Cremations
Newport Road

Tel: 01823 491643
Mob: 07787 292331