Affordable Low Cost Funerals

In some cases a simple, no frills funeral service is all that is required. Just because a simple service is all that is needed, doesn’t mean that it can’t be eco-friendly and carried out with dignity and respect.
If the family do not wish to attend the crematorium, we also offer an unattended “direct cremation” service for an affordable fixed £1200 including disbursements and fees.


Oak Funeral Services are signatories to the Fair Funeral Pledge and to the National Fair Price Charter.


At Oak Funerals, we can provide a simple funeral including:

  • Bringing the person who has died in to our care from their final place of rest (during working hours)
  • Care, preparation and laying to rest of the deceased
  • Visiting and viewing of the deceased with our Chapel of Rest
  • Administration & legal paperwork
  • Provision and payment of Doctors certificates
  • Oak, Elm or Mahogany veneered coffin from FSC resources
  • Transport of deceased to the Crematorium in a formal Hearse
  • Crematorium costs
  • 4 Pall Bearers + Funeral Director
  • Provision of ashes
  • Minister or Celebrant to conduct the service

The complete cost of this service is £2,300 This price is fully inclusive.


Not included in the above simple funeral are additional services such as

  • Ashes Casket
  • Scatter Tube
  • Limousine(s) or additional cars
  • Order of Sevice design and printing
  • Floral Tributes
  • Newspaper announcements/acknowledgments
  • Booking or payment of Wake venue or catering
  • Arrangements and administration for the interment of ashes
  • Any other services requested


We do understand however, that not everyone has the means to fund the simple funeral as listed, especially if the person has died unexpectedly or without having made provision for their funeral.

We believe that every person has the right to a dignified and compassionate funeral, regardless of their financial status.
If you feel that you are being challenged by the high costs of a funeral, please do come and talk to us.  There may be ways in which we can help you and we will never turn anyone away if we can find a way of helping.

Should you qualify for financial assistance from the DSS, we would recommend that you contact them to obtain a decision as to how much you will receive towards the funeral cost.
Should you choose a more expensive option please be aware that anything exceeding the DSS payment will have to be met by the yourselves. While we are arranging the funeral we can assist you on completing the claim form – you can download one from here or we can provide you with one.