Welcome to Oak Funeral Services

We are here to help you with planning and arranging of a funeral with the minimum of fuss and jargon. We won’t hide behind obscure terminology and complex pricing structures.

You can have as much involvement with the planning and holding of your farewell as you would like, or you can simply ask us to look after everything for you, leaving you free to be with family and friends in your time of need.

We can offer you advice on burials and cremations, as well as a wide choice of eco-friendly coffins. We can help you to have the service at any suitable venue such as a Woodland site, Church or Crematorium. If you would like, we can also help you to arrange for a gathering afterwards along with any catering needs that might be required.

There is NO need to rush into making decisions. Our first meeting will be both informal and caring and you won’t have to make any final choices. We’ll simply talk about your thoughts and feelings, so that we can begin to understand how we might best create a funeral that reflects the personality, character and life of the person who has died.

We are a completely Independent and family owned company and our aim is to provide affordable Contemporary or Traditional funerals anywhere in the South West. Our services can cost as little at £1,200 for a simple unattended cremation and from £2,300 for a woodland burial or full cremation service – fully inclusive of all disbursements.

Whether you would like a simple and respectful cremation, a woodland burial or perhaps a more traditional or grand occasion, we are here to provide you with a personal and caring service with dignity, compassion and attention to detail.

We are happy to come and visit you in your own home if you are unable to come to us and we will always do everything we can to answer any questions you might have.
We are available to talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have need of our help right away or if you are just planning ahead and thinking about the future, call us at any time – nothing is too much or too little to ask.

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Cremation or Burial?

Burial services can sometimes be more expensive than a cremation but have do much less pressure on time.
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 Coffins & Caskets

There are literally hundreds of variations of coffins available today from simple cardboard to American style Caskets and the choice can be bewildering.
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Pet Funeral Services

It’s a sad fact of life that sometimes our dearest companions who share so much of our lives together, will rarely outlive us.
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Contact Us

Whatever your situation, we’re happy to talk through your choices with you.
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